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In this lesson we'll go over how to upload or create sample locations and well construction information.

Go to the side menu and click on “Site Info”. You will see the different Media types you have selected for the project. For this example, we are going to use groundwater, however, all the media types behave and function similarly.

There are two primary ways to upload sample locations and well construction information. The first is to enter each one individually, and the second is to use a bulk data upload feature.

To enter locations individually, Click on “Wells” under the groundwater option. Then on the upper right-hand corner, click on “New Well”, then simply enter the sample location and well construction information indicated for this individual location.

The sample or Well ID is the only required information for the page. Please note that GPS location information must currently be entered in the decimal format. For locations within the United States measurement units will default to the Imperial Standard, while projects outside the United States will automatically default to metric units. When complete, click “Save” to create that new sample or well location.

The 2nd option is the bulk uploading option. This option simply requires a properly formatted CSV file to be uploaded. An example of the file can be downloaded by simply clicking the “Download a Sample CSV” icon.

To use this file, simply delete the Sample IDs and example data in the file while maintaining the file format and structure with the row and columns. Do not delete or add any new rows or columns. Replace the project name and client name and when complete, save the file as a csv and upload by either drag and dropping into the upload box or selecting the file and uploading the traditional way.

The file will begin uploading and the sample/well location will appear below at the bottom of the screen once the file has been successfully uploaded.

If needed, simply click on the sample/well ID icons to edit the information. You can also delete sample/well locations by clicking on the edit icon to the right, and then clicking the “Delete” button on the top right of the next screen.

That is how you upload and create sample locations and well construction information.

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