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In this lesson we'll go over how to place sample or well locations on your maps and images.

Go to the “Site Info” icon on the menu and select the sampling media you will be working in. All the various media function the same, so for this example, we will use “Groundwater”, then click on “Site Maps”.

Your list of uploaded sitemaps and images for this project will be shown. To work on a specific map or image, click on the name or the image to open the function. This will bring up a full view of the map or image. Please note you can zoom in and out by clicking on the plus or minus on the top right, you can also drag the image around with your mouse as well.

To place a sample location on the image, move your curser to the exact location on the image of a specific sample ID or Well and “Left Click” your mouse. This will open a pop-up window with a list of sample IDs which have been previously uploaded for the project. Select the sample or well ID you want to place at that specific location on that image and click “Save”. An icon along with the sample or well ID label is placed on that location.

Repeat this process until you have placed all the samples or wells you want on this particular image. A few things to note here. Depending on the purpose of the image, you may not want all IDs on a particular map or image.

The selection window pop-up menu will remove each ID option as it is placed on that particular image. The left side menu will populate all your placed sample or well IDs in this list. If you want to delete a sample or well ID from the map, simply click the red circle with a minus sign in it and it will delete the sample or well from that map or image.

In addition, on the left side list, you will see an arrow which by default will be pointing to the right. This arrow indicates the direction that the sample ID label will be located relative to the Icon. To move the label clockwise around the icon, simply click the arrow. Each click moves the label around the icon a little bit. Once satisfied with the ID label location, stop clicking.

That is how you place sample and well locations on your maps and images.

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