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In this video we will go over how to invite new users to an entire workspace or an individual project.

A workspace is a unique URL created for you to use as your place to store your individual SampleServe projects. The best way to think of it is that a Workspace” can be viewed similar to a file cabinet. This “workspace file cabinet” is where you place individual “Project” folders.

Please note: The level at which you invite somebody, either at the workspace level or the project level is important. If you invite a new user at the project level, while you're in that particular project, they will only be invited to that one project. If you invite them at the higher workspace level, they will be invited to all of the projects within that particular workspace.

Please also note that there are two functional levels at which new users can be invited. An “Administrative” level and a “Field Technician” level. Administrative users have all the rights and privileges of an Owner with the exception that they cannot delete the Owner. They can create new projects, invite new administrative users and field technicians, and they can delete them as well. They can also add or delete lab data and field data too. Field Technicians can only enter data by direct upload via the mobile field app and they CAN NOT create new projects, invite new users, or delete any projects or any data.

To invite a new user to an entire works space, while on the main workspace page with all of the individual projects listed, go to the upper right-hand corner, and click on the orange “plus” icon. This is the “invitation icon”. This will open the user invitation window. Current invited users and their role in the project will be listed here. To invite a new user, enter the email of the person you would like to invite, assign the new user’s functional role, either administrative or field technician, type an optional short message to that person, and hit send. The new user is invited to the entire workspace. To delete a user, click the “X icon” to the right of the persons name and they will be deleted from the workspace. You will notice that the “Owners” of a workspace cannot be deleted. To change a user’s role, click the drop-down list to the right of the person’s name and select the new role. The new role will automatically be saved.

To invite a person to just a single project, simply click into the project like you were going to edit the project and then click on the orange “plus” invitation icon at the top right. From that point on simply follow same instructions as in the workspace invitations. The only difference is that new users will only be invited to just this one project.

When new users log into their accounts and view their dashboards in both the project management tool and the mobile field app, they will only see Workspaces and Projects to which they have been invited.

That is how you invite new users to an entire workspace or an individual project.

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