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In this lesson we will go over how to create and add a New Project to a Workspace.

In your desired workspace, click on the “Add Project” button on the top right. A new project form will appear. You add various project information here. The minimum required information to start a new project has an asterisk next to the information space. You can come back to the page later and enter remaining information, if desired.

As an example, we will create a project called “Demo Site #XX”. We then select the Country in which the project is located. Then select the state or territory in which the project is located. We will use Michigan in the United States. This will then automatically compare any clean-up criteria to the identified state and territory.

Again, you can add all the other information such as your client, address, city, GPS coordinates, etc... At a later time, if desired. Click “Continue”.

Next you will indicate which types of media you anticipate you will be sampling on this project. “Other Media” should be selected for all types of sampling media that is not soil or groundwater. If you plan on only collecting field data and no samples will be required to be sent to a lab, select “Other Media”.

Next you can add your chosen laboratory. If you have not selected a lab yet for your project, or you won’t be using a lab, simply skip the lab selection and hit “Save Project” and then hit the “Complete” button on the next page to create your project.

If you have selected a lab and would like to add the lab at this time, simply click into the box to select your laboratory. If your desired laboratory is listed, select that lab. Then type in or select the lab contact email.

If your desired lab is not listed, scroll to the bottom of the pull-down menu, and click the “Add Laboratory” button. A new data entry box will pop up, simply fill out information indicated and then click the “Create” button. Your lab and lab contact information will be added to the project.

On the next page hit “Complete” and your project is created. This will then take you to the Workspace page main menu. Simply click on your Project Name and continue your project set-up.

That is how to create and add a New Project to a Workspace.

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