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What is ScieNFT?
What is ScieNFT?
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An Introduction to ScieNFT

ScieNFT is a unique open-access preprint server that enables scientists, researchers, and students to share and trade scientific assets on the blockchain as digital collectibles using NFT technology. ScieNFT aims to provide a secure and transparent digital asset trading platform for research and academics.

What You Can Share on ScieNFT?

We welcome a wide range of science content, from all published and unpublished research fields, including research articles, grant proposals, research methods, ideas, essays, and science-related artwork.

Benefits of Using ScieNFT?

By using ScieNFT, researchers, students, and the general public are able to have easy access to research and scholarly works that have been published on the platform. All assets are permanently stored on the blockchain, and users can also benefit from significant cost reductions when compared to traditional publishing platforms.

Sharing Your Work

Sharing your work on ScieNFT does not prevent you from publishing it elsewhere. Additionally, through the use of blockchain technology, ScieNFT offers verifiable ownership of research and scholarship, enabling authors to permanently link their research or scholarship to their digital identity.

Get Started

Visit to learn more about ScieNFT and how to get started.

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