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How do I apply for a copy of my title?
How do I apply for a copy of my title?
Written by Kyla Moss
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To apply for a duplicate Oklahoma title, you are required to submit the following documents to Service Oklahoma on N Classen in Oklahoma City or a Licensed Operator:

    • The record owner(s) or leinholder must sign the 701-7 form and their signature(s) notarized by a Notary Public. If utilizing a Power of Attorney the Actual Notarized Power of Attorney, or a Certified Copy of the Power of Attorney, must also be submitted.

    • As requested on the application, the vehicle identification number of the vehicle, or serial number of the boat or outboard motor is required. Please also include the current registration decal number.

  • Either current Oklahoma Registration, or proof of the record owner’s out of state residency

    • Out of state residency may be evidenced by an out of state registration for the vehicle/boat/motor, a utility bill, rental agreement, or out of state driver license in the name of the record owner. If the Oklahoma registration is not current and out of state residency cannot be established, all delinquent Oklahoma registration fees and penalties will have to be remitted, along with an Oklahoma insurance verification form, in order for the duplicate title to be issued.

  • Duplicate Title Fee of $11 (additional $1.55 mail fee may apply when mailing in your form)

    • If you would like to mail in your application, please send it to the address below:
      Service Oklahoma
      Motor Vehicle Division
      P.O. Box 26800
      Oklahoma City, OK 73126

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