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How do I get a collision report?
How can I get my utility trailer released out of impound when I do not have a title or registration?
What if the lien holder is also a Used Car Dealer; must they purchase the license plate if law enforcement placed a hold on the vehicle for taxes due the state?
As a lien holder, do I have to buy a license plate for a vehicle if it is expired?
As lien holder of an impounded vehicle, what must I show the wrecker service operator to get the vehicle released to me?
What can I do, as the owner of vehicle, if I am unable to go to the wrecker service to pick up my vehicle?
Can I buy a tribal plate if I am out of state?
Can I get my Physically Disabled Plate and then get my Disability Placard?
Does my Disability Placard have to be current in order for me to renew my plate?
When will I receive my plate?
When will I receive my plate?
How can I order a specialty or personalized plate?
How many permits can I be issued by the State of Oklahoma?
Do I have to title and register my canoe or kayak?
Does my commercial canoe have to be registered?
Do I have to carry my boat registration with me?
How long does my boat registration last?
Can I pull my commercial trailer with my non-commercial or farm truck?
What is Combined Laden Weight?
I never received my renewal notice. If I renew it late, do I still owe penalty?
Do I have to title and register my Pop up Trailer?
Do I need to Register my Taxi Cab?
What is a Licensed Operator?
How do I notarize my documents?
What if I have not received my tag?
How do I apply for a duplicate title?
How do I change the title of a vehicle into my name if the previous owner is deceased?
Is there any penalty for late tag payments?
How do I retrieve an Oklahoma title once it has been placed on hold?
What types of vehicles are exempt from sales tax assessment?
How do I obtain a copy of a lost title?
How do I obtain my vehicle title?
What do I do if I never received my title in the mail?
There is a lien shown on my vehicle that I have paid off. How do I get it removed?
I am moving out of state. How will I register my vehicle in another jurisdiction if I can't get my title from the lienholder in time?
My trailer has a title and a lien. What happens to my trailers title?
What is a Lienholder ID?
What are the different types of title holds?
How do I apply for a copy of my title?
How do I get a oversize hay permit?
Where do I send a request for a confirmation of previous commercial driving experience for a commercial driver instructor's permit application?
As a driving instructor, who can I contact to get a copy of my certificate?
Where do I call for Odometer discrepancy microfilm questions?
I have not received my new tag. What do I do?