Uploading Assets.

Getting Assets into your library so you can sort, categorise and store efficiently in Sesimi.

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Everyone can upload Assets – it feels good to be organised and makes your brand even stronger!

Note: When you upload a new file, you’re classified as that Asset’s Creator.

Uploading Assets from your computer:

  1. In your Asset library, click on the Upload button.

  2. This opens an upload window where you can drag and drop single or multiple Assets or you can click Browse to locate and select files on your computer to upload.

  3. When you’ve located your file, either click on Upload more to select another file or click Done.

  4. The Assets you load are then shown in an Asset details page. Here you can select the pencil icon to add information to your Assets to help you search for them later. This includes the Asset name, Categories, and Tags.

  5. After adding Asset details, click Save.

    Once saved, your Assets will be indexed by Sesimi’s search engine and sorted according to the details you added. They’ll then be ready to view in your Asset library.

    Uploading Assets from other sources:

    If the Assets you want to load into Sesimi are stored on a camera or an online source, that’s just as easy as uploading from your computer.

  6. When you arrive at the Upload window, select where you’d like to upload from in the top menu bar.

    There are plenty of choices here (like Dropbox, Facebook, Shutterstock and more) - click on the arrows in this menu to scroll through the options.

  7. When you’re ready, connect to where the Asset is stored (for example: Connect to Dropbox) and navigate to your target Asset.

  8. Select Upload to bring the Asset straight into your Asset Library.

After you've uploaded your Asset, you can then follow Steps 4 and 5 above to add details to help you search for and find your Assets later - for example: Asset name, Categories, and Tags.

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