Using the Search & Filter feature

Powerful search and filter tools to find your Assets quicker.

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Get to know your search and filter tools and you’ll be hunting down Assets in no time!

To find or sort Assets in your Asset library efficiently, use the search bar, filters, or sort by tools.

💬 Hint: Use any of these in combination to hunt an Asset, and you’ll get results even faster.

Search bar

The search bar is at the very top of your Asset library. As soon as you start typing into this field, the search bar goes to work. Results of searching tags and file names are instantly updated as you type in real-time.

Gif image demonstrating the search functionality


By default, Assets are sorted by date created. But by using filters, which include tags and categories within the filter menu, you can narrow your selection faster.

Gif image of the filters in action on the Assets page


The sort drop-down menu on the right-hand side of the Asset window gives you the option to sort your Assets by date created, name, downloads and views.

Figure illustrating the 'Sort by' filtering functionality.

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