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How to Add Terms & Conditions to Assets
How to Add Terms & Conditions to Assets

Adding Terms & Conditions to keep Assets protected.

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Keep those Assets safe by protecting them with T&Cs everyone understands!

💬 Note: Terms & Conditions are only available to Enterprise level accounts in Sesimi.

To make sure Assets are correctly used, Asset owners can add Terms & Conditions that let other Users know the limitations around using those Assets.

This is useful for situations where an Asset features sensitive content – for instance, it might be an image of paid talent with a specific Rights Management timeframe.

Note: Applying Terms & Conditions is not an automatic block on usage. It is a guide for Users so they can understand and acknowledge the limitations of use.

Here's how to add your T&Cs:

  1. From your Asset Library, select the Asset(s) you wish to add Terms & Conditions to.

  2. Select the Details tab

  3. Click the Pen icon to edit the Asset Details.

  4. Click the Terms & Conditions toggle.

  5. In the Details text box that opens up, add the Terms & Conditions for the Asset.

  6. Now add an Expiry Date for the Terms & Conditions - for example, it might be the end date of the Rights Management timeframe.

  7. Click Save

  8. The Terms & Conditions you've added can now be seen by selecting View from within the Information Window.

Now when any Users select this Asset, they will need to accept the Terms & Conditions before they can export the Asset from Sesimi.

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