Exporting Image Assets.

How to export Image Assets in varying formats/output qualities.

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Exporting an Image Asset from Sesimi is super simple - you're in charge of how you want your file exported and at what quality!

Note: You can only change the format and quality settings for individual Image Assets.
If you are exporting multiple Assets, they will be downloaded in original format and size to your computer as a zip-file.

Note: Video and HTML Assets can only be output at original resolution.

Here's how you do it:

  1. In your Asset Library, select the Image Asset you want to export.

  2. Select the Format drop-down menu to choose the file type you want - you can choose from a range of formatting options.

  3. Now select the Quality drop-down menu - once again, you can choose from a range of different size options here including the Original file size (as long as it's the same format as the original file), Low, Medium, High and Maximum.

    Note: the actual output file size is shown alongside each of these size options to help you make the right selection!

  4. Select Download and the file will be downloaded to your computer.

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