Verification of Reviews
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Every consumer who makes a purchase from one of our retailers needs to give "consent" to this retailer in the check-out process. With this consent, they will be invited later via email to rate the "online retailer" or the "product" purchased.

sessionly "ONLY" provides the technical platform to generate & display reviews. We do not send any email invitations to generate reviews. These are purely sent by online retailers.

The online retailer is responsible for setting up the invitation logic via his email service provider (ESP) and inviting the customer to review the service or the product using the sessionly platform. The opt-in and legal aspects of contacting customer need to be handled by the online retailer.

Rating Scores for the (Online Retailer / Product)

The consumer can rate with up to 5 stars with a commentary field per review. In addition, the customer can answer further questions, and upload a photo or video.

The customer evaluates their experience with the online retailer or the purchased product, which should not be older than 120 days after the actual purchase was made.

5 Stars - Very good
4 Stars - Good
3 Stars - Satisfying
2 Stars - Sufficient
1 Star - Poor

Rating Scores for our Onsite Widget (Online Retailer / Product)

4.50 - 5.00 Very good
3.50 - 4.49 Good
2.50 - 3.49 Satisfying
1.50 - 2.49 Sufficient
1.00 - 1.49 Poor

How do we make sure reviews are real?

Every order generated by an online retailer is automatically and anonymously transmitted to sessionly. We create each order in our system and generate a "Unique Rating Link". Each link is assigned to an order number and can only be used once to rate the products.

After the customer clicks the review link, they land on a landing page related to their order, where all the products that were purchased are displayed. The customer can now decide for themself whether he/she only wants to rate 1 product or all products from the order.

As soon as the rating has been submitted, the rating ends up in our system. The online retailer activates this review after a short check or automatically, which then appears in our widget. From this moment the review is live and visible and impacts the rating score.

Clicking on the "i" icon in our Widget opens a drop-down with the following information:

"This review was written by a verified customer who bought this item."

Imported ratings or reviews generated from the widget are clearly marked as "Imported Reviews". We cannot guarantee that this review was generated by real customers, as we could not assign them to a real order number.

sessionly does not offer any benefits or vouchers to generate positive reviews, but the retailer can offer vouchers as a thank you if the customer rates a review positively or negatively with a photo or video.

We reserve the right to request proof of purchase from the customer in the event of anomalies. If this is not done, sessionly can delete or deactivate this rating.

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