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Guide to Email and SMS/Text Message Templates
Guide to Email and SMS/Text Message Templates
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This article covers the following topics:

What are message templates?

Users with full admin permissions can create email and SMS message templates in Shaker to save time with client outreach. Message templates can be leveraged for 1:1 messages, triggered deal messages, and within workflows as scheduled sales and marketing messages.

Creating a message template

  1. To access and create new message templates navigate to Settings > Message Templates

  2. Toggle to SMS or Email and click the button "New Template"

  3. Name your message something you will remember.

  4. Copy and paste or draft your desired message and subject line

  5. To add personalizations, click on fields to see available merge fields. Any contact, deal, or custom field can be used as a merge field.

  6. If applicable, choose and upload an attachment to be included with your email. Only email messages support attachments.

  7. Click "save" to store your message.

Note: Email messages sent from Shaker will automatically add the signature of the message sender.

Personalizing message templates with merge fields

Merge fields can be used in email messages to automatically input your client's personal info or deal info into a message such as your client's name, property address, closing date, etc.

Any standard or custom field in Shaker can be accessed within message templates and merged into the body and/or subject line of Shaker emails. If you don't see a field you need, you can add it as a custom field.

To add a merge field to the subject line of an email, first, add it to the body of the email, then copy/paste it into the subject line.

Message template with merge fields

Good morning, {{deal.first.names}}

The listing agent for your property at {{ deal.street }} will be {{ }}. You can call them at {{ }} or email them at {{ }}. Are we still good to list the property for {{ deal.listPrice }}?

The message that is sent:

Good morning, Jan, Amy, and Mike!

The listing agent for your property at 2404 Ferry Wells will be Bennie Bernier. You can call them at 317.555.8675 or email them at Are we still good to list the property for $637,500?

Advanced Merge Fields / Recipes

For more complex merge combinations, such as greetings for multiple buyers and sellers, try using our pre-built recipes.

Adding Videos to Message Templates (email only)

Video is an important aspect of marketing for many agents. Users can add videos to Shaker email templates and 1:1 emails using hosted videos from YouTube or BombBomb.

Simply open the email editor and Choose the video icon for YouTube or the Bomb icon for you guessed it, BombBomb (requires signing in to a BombBomb account).

For YouTube, simply add the hosted link or the embed code of your chosen video.

At this time, Shaker does not support hosted videos from other video platforms. To add videos from other services, simply link to the video from an image or text.

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