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Integrating Shaker with BombBomb
Integrating Shaker with BombBomb

BombBomb Integration

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Requires a BombBomb account and a Shaker account.

To connect your BombBomb account

1. From your Settings tab, select "Integrations".

2. Then select the "Add" button on the BombBomb integration card.

3. You will be presented with a sign-in page for BombBomb

4. Sign in to your BombBomb credentials

5. Click "allow" to enable Shaker and you're done!

Adding a BombBomb video to a Shaker Message Template

This video covers creating, linking, and syncing deals between Shaker and BombBomb

The Shaker and BombBomb Integration has the following capabilities.

  • Users can Record new BombBomb videos to be saved and used in Shaker email templates or 1:1 emails

  • Users can access their existing BombBomb videos in email templates or 1:1 videos.

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