Inland Revenue (IR) has made completing your annual tax assessment easier—they automatically calculate if you’ve paid the right amount of tax, using the information provided by the likes of your employer and Sharesies.

At Sharesies, we generally deduct tax from the income you earn from your investments held through Sharesies and pay this to IR on your behalf.

You’re responsible for ensuring you pay the correct tax so ensure you’ve given us the correct tax information and check with a professional tax expert if you are unsure.

If you need to file an IR3 form, you should include the dividend imputation credits and total gross dividends in box 14A and 14B. You can find these figures in your tax statement, which you can find by going to Settings > Tax details > Tax statements in Sharesies.

Your tax statement is updated annually in April and will include your Australian, NZ, and US tax information.

Check your prescribed investor rate (PIR) is correct by going to Settings > Tax Details in Sharesies.

Read more about how tax works at Sharesies.

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