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Paying tax on your Sharesies KiwiSaver income
Paying tax on your Sharesies KiwiSaver income

What you need to know about tax on investment income earned through your KiwiSaver account.

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Sharesies will report and pay the tax for your KiwiSaver investment income on your behalf (for both your base fund and any self-select investments). You’ll also be sent an annual tax statement each year which will contain information on the income, tax credits, and tax.

The amount of tax you’ll pay on is determined by your Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR), which is the tax rate for your investment income. To work out your PIR, visit Inland Revenue’s (IRD) website. IRD will instruct us if you need to update your PIR.

If you already have a KiwiSaver account or any other Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) funds, you may be able to view your PIR in your myIR accountby going to KiwiSaver > More > View your PIR.

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