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We need to identify anyone using Sharesies who’s a Prescribed Person of another Trading Participant or NZX Advising firm.

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There are additional trading rules and restrictions that may apply if you’re a Prescribed Person.

We’ll ask you if you’re a Prescribed Person when you sign up to Sharesies. If you’re not sure if you’re a Prescribed Person, please check with your employer.

A Prescribed Person is:

  • an employee of an NZX Market Participant (which includes a Trading Participant or NZX Advising Firm)

  • the immediate family of an employee of an NZX Market Participant (partner or dependant child)

  • a family company or family trust of a person referred to above; and

  • a company, body corporate or other entity controlled by any of the persons referred to above.

An employee includes all persons employed by an NZX Market Participant and includes directors (but not independent directors), partners, employees, officers, agents, dealers, advisers and contractors. Immediate family means the spouse or de facto partner and dependent children of an individual.

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