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Corporate actions for Australian and US investments
Corporate actions for Australian and US investments

For Australian and US investments, we support corporate actions that ‘happen to you’—like dividends, mergers, and share splits.

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We don’t currently offer corporate actions that you actively participate in for Australian or US shares—such as share purchase plans, voting, rights offers, and placements. We’ll look at offering these in the future!

Here are some examples of the corporate actions we offer for Australian and US shares:

  • Dividends—when companies and funds make a profit, they might decide to give some of that profit back to shareholders in the form of dividend payments.

  • Mergers—when two or more companies combine to form one larger company. Usually, one company will transfer its shares to the other.

  • Share split—when a company arranges an increase in the number of shares its shareholders own by dividing each share, then reducing the price per share.

  • Consolidations (reverse split)—when there’s a consolidation of the number of shares owned by an investor by adding shares together, then increasing the price per share.

  • Bonus issue—when a company or fund gives existing shareholders new shares at no charge. Chur!

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