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Take part in corporate actions
Take part in corporate actions

Learn about taking part in corporate actions through Sharesies.

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Currently on Sharesies, shareholders can take part in:

  • mandatory corporate actions (for the investments they hold)

  • some voluntary corporate actions for NZX-listed investments.

Shareholders can't currently take part in voluntary corporate actions for US and ASX-listed investments. Read more about the corporate actions available on Shareises.

Corporate action announcements

If you're eligible to take part in a corporate action, we’ll send you an email with a summary of the details, a link to the company’s offer document, key dates, and an online application form for you to complete. You’ll only need to apply through Sharesies, not the company website. You won’t need a Common Shareholder Number (CSN).

Unsure if this is the right choice for you? We recommend contacting a registered financial adviser to have a further chat. Sharesies can’t provide personalised financial advice.

If you don’t want to participate, that’s fine! Just ignore the email. 👍

Application process

  1. Fill out and submit the application form by the close date. Read and accept the terms and conditions (including the terms and conditions in the offer document), and confirm the number of shares or dollar value you want to buy as part of the offer.

  2. Top up your Sharesies Wallet by the date specified in the email—make sure you’ve got enough money to cover your application. We’ll take the money out of your Wallet in NZD, after the time outlined in the email on the specified date.

  3. If your application is successful, you’ll see a pending buy in your Portfolio after the close date. The shares will appear in your Portfolio sometime after applications have been processed.

Important info

  • Scaling—if people have applied for more shares than there are shares available, a company may scale back. This means you may end up getting fewer shares than the amount you applied for.

  • Rounding—if the share price can’t be divided into the set amounts to give a whole number of shares, some companies may round down the number of shares.

  • Investment maximum—this is where the amount of shares you apply for through Sharesies can’t exceed a certain dollar value. We’ll let you know if there’s a maximum limit in our email to you.

  • When applying for a capital raising offer through Sharesies, you normally can’t apply to participate in the offer through anyone else, such as other brokers.

  • Any shares you buy in a corporate action will be held on trust for you by Sharesies Nominee Limited.

Corporate actions aren’t something that companies do very often, so please get in touch at if you have any questions, or speak to a financial adviser.

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