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Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme fees
Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme fees

A breakdown of our fees for the Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme.

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You’ll be charged fees for investing your KiwiSaver balance in the Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme.

Fees for base funds

For base funds, fees are charged by the underlying fund managers. These fees are built into the cost of the units you buy in each fund (which will reduce your returns in the Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme), and are charged as a percentage based on the value of your base fund investment. Charges are set out in the table below.

No additional base fund fees are charged by the Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme.

Estimated annual fund charges (% of net asset

value) per annum

Sharesies Milford Aggressive Fund


Sharesies Pathfinder Ethical Growth Fund


Sharesies Superlife Growth Fund


Sharesies Pie Fund Global Growth 2 Fund


Sharesies Superlife Balanced Fund


Sharesies Superlife Conservative Fund


Fees for self-select investments (‘Your picks’)

Two different fees apply for self-select investments (‘your picks’).

Transaction fee

When you buy or sell units in your own picks, a transaction fee is charged on the amount invested. This fee is 1% for amounts up to $1,000 plus 0.1% for amounts over $1,000.

If any of your picks are exchange-traded funds (ETFs), the fund provider may also charge fees. These fees are included in the fund’s unit price and may impact your returns.

Administration fee

An administration fee of 0.15% p.a. on the balance of your picks applies.

This fee is calculated and deducted each day, at the time the unit price is calculated. You can see an up-to-date total cost of the administration fee in Account activity.

Example: how fees may apply to an investor

When Katy joined the Sharesies KiwiSaver Scheme, they invested $10,000 with $7,000 going into the Sharesies Pathfinder Ethical Growth Fund (base fund) and $3,000 into individual picks within the self-select fund.

They’re charged a transaction fee when the funds are invested in the self-select fund of $30 (1% of $3,000). This brings the starting value of their investment to $9,970. They’re charged an administration fee on the self-select fund, which works out to $4.50 (0.15% of $3,000).

They’re charged an annual fund charge on the base fund, which works out to $92.40 (1.32% of $7,000).

These fees might be more or less if their account balance has increased or decreased over the year and are dependent on the type of investment they have selected.

Estimated total fees for the year:

  • Transaction fees (self-select fund)*: $30

  • Administration fee (self-select fund): $4.50

  • Annual fund charge (base funds): $92.40

*These fees will change depending on how often Katy buys or sells units in the self-select fund. When you buy and sell units in the self-select fund, any transaction fees applicable at that time will be a cost to you.

Other fees

We don’t charge performance fees, switching fees, membership fees or withdrawal fees.

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