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Price notifications
Price notifications

You can receive a notification when an investment on your Watchlist or in your Portfolio reaches a price you set.

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Set a price notification

Price notifications can be set for investments on your Watchlist or in your Portfolio.

You’ll be notified in the app, and also by a push notification if you have the Sharesies mobile app installed.

You can set price notifications on up to 500 investments—only one price notification can be set on an investment at a time.

  1. Go to the investment you want to receive price notifications for.

  2. Select ‘Set a price notification’ beneath the investment’s price.

  3. Enter the price you want to be notified at.

  4. Select ‘Set notification’.

You’ll only receive one notification per investment per day. If the price of an investment doesn’t change, you won’t be notified.

See all price notifications

You can see a list of all the price notifications you’ve set from:

  • the ••• menu on a price notification you’ve received

  • the screen where you set up a price notification

  • Settings > Notification settings, and selecting ‘See your price notifications’.

Notification prices and timing

Price notifications are only sent when your price is reached during regular trading hours of the exchange the investment is listed on.

Price notifications use delayed data of at least 20 minutes. We check whether your price has been reached only once an hour. This means that the price you’re notified at may be different to the price you place an order for.

Pricing notifications aren’t available for price changes outside of regular trading hours, including during extended US trading hours.

Edit or delete a price notification

You can edit or delete your price notification by going to the investment (or the list of all your price notifications), and selecting ‘Edit’.

You’ll continue to receive price notifications every time an investment reaches your set price (to a maximum of once per day) until you decide to change the price, or delete the price notification.

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