Common Fields

  • {{first_name}} (person only)
  • {{last_name}} (person only)
  • {{address_lines}} (a list on one line)
  • {{address_lines|format_list_with_newlines}} (one per line)
  • {{locality}}
  • {{region}}
  • {{postal_code}}
  • {{primary_email}} (single)
  • {{email}} (a list of emails)
  • {{telephone}} (a list of phone numbers)
  • {{formatted_name}}


  • {{ticket.buyer}}
  • {{ticket.ticket_id}}
  • {{ticket.ticket_type}}
  • {{}}
  • {{ticket.reference}}
  • {{ticket.amount}}


  • {{member.membership_number}} 
  • {{member.membership_type.display_value}} 
  • {{member.start_date}} 
  • {{member.end_date}} 
  • {{member.amount}}
  • {{member.membership_record_status}}  
  • {{member.auto_renew}} 
  • {{member.admin_contact}} 
  • {{member.linked_members}} (list)


  • {{booking.title}}
  • {{booking.date_range}}
  • {{booking.start_date}}
  • {{booking.start_datetime}}
  • {{booking.end_date}}
  • {{booking.end_datetime}}
  • {{booking.venue_for_display}}
  • {{booking.activity_for_display}}

(booking fields are also available when a ticket is selected)

Formatting Controls

Use formatting controls to change the normal output. Date formats are the most common control.

Date Time Format



e.g. Monday, 03 July 2017 16:00



e.g. Monday, 03 July 2017



e.g. 2017-07-03

{{member.end_date|datetimeformat('{:%-d %b %Y}')}} 

3 Jul 2017

The custom formats use the python date format definitions

Adding and subtracting dates.

This isn't really supported but with a bit of work it can be achieved e.g.

The day today is: {{now|datetimeformat('house_long')}} but a week ago it was {{(now|datetimeformat('{:%s}')|integer-(7*60*60*24))|datetimeformat('house_long')}} 

(Convert the date back to seconds, convert from a string to an integer, do the subtraction, convert back to a date string)

List on multiple lines


e.g. Flat 1a The Cresent Peak Road

List with commas


e.g. Flat 1a, The Cresent, Peak Road


{{amount|integer}}  12.345 becomes 12
{{amount|decimal}}  12.345 becomes 12.35

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