Contact connections let you link contacts to one another: people to people and people to organisations and organisations to organisations.

A simple connection links 2 contacts with a connection type or role. A common connection will be the job connection between an person and their employer.

Historic Connections

From mid 2020 connections have an optional start and end date allowing the recording of historic connections. Knowing the connection history is useful in fundraising when you need an introduction or in membership when you want to track where a member has moved from when they changed jobs.

Suppress Automatic Connections

Automatic connections are connections between contacts that the system has created for you. Sheep will automatically show contacts that a linked through a membership, group or family. These connections can’t be edited, if the connection is not correct then the underlying data should be changed (for example removing the linked membership).

The system will also look for connections based upon profile data. E.g. Contacts that share a phone number or email domain. These connections are usually accurate and helpful but not always. If an automatic connection has been created by Sheep you can now suppress that connection show that it isn’t shown.

Org to Org connections

Organisation records can now be connected together bring support for large organisation structures or for those using organisation records to represent multi-site institutions.

Adding a connection to a contact:

  • Go to the contact
  • Navigate to the Connections panel
  • Click New connection button at the top page
  • Search and find the relevant contact (or add new if not in Sheep)
  • Select the relevant connection role* from dropdown
  • Optionally set start and end dates, and a description for the connection.
  • Click Save

Edit or removing a connection from a contact:

  • Go to the contact
  • Navigate to the Connections panel
  • From the contact pop-up click connection details
  • Choose remove or edit

*If the connection role is not in Sheep you can always add more. Please see Adding a connection role for help.

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