There are five primary lifecycle events that Sheep tracks (and lots of variations). This diagram shows three example members and their membership lifecycle events. 

Blue had a pre-existing membership which is cancelled.
Green starts a new membership, it runs to completion but is not renewed.
Yellow also starts a new membership but renews for another season.

The lifecycle events in Sheep are created automatically and can be used for reporting and for automating tasks. For each lifecycle event multiple automations can be triggered (automation pack required).

Available automations:

  • Draft an email using a template
  • Send an email using a template

(Please suggest new automation actions to our team)

We recommend:

  • Send an 'welcome' email on all new memberships.
  • Send a 'thank you' for renewing.
  • Send a 'time to renew' email when the end date is approaching.
  • Send a second 'time to renew' email when the membership has lapsed.
  • Draft a 'confirmation' email upon cancellation and allow your team to customise before sending.

See a fuller explanation of lifecycle events and triggers

Preventing lifecycle triggers for specific members

On some occasions, you'll want to stop triggers from firing for specific memberships. The most common reason for this will be stopping the 'time to renew' emails from being sent to members who have either already renewed in another way, or have decided to leave.

To stop renewal emails being sent to these members, find the expiring or lapsed membership card and click edit. On this card, you can check 'Decided to leave'.

This will prevent any further lifecycle emails going out regarding this membership.

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