If you wish to send out bulk messages to your members, such a notifications or newsletter styled emails, you can save time by creating an email template. These are also used with triggers to create lifecycle emails, automated emails that are sent to specific members for specific reasons, such as a membership expiring or a booking being placed.

Creating a new email template

You can create new email templates, as well as manage existing ones, in the Settings section of SheepCRM. Scroll down to the Email Templates panel and you'll see your existing email templates. You can search your existing templates with the search bar provided or click on Add new Email Template to create a new template.

This will bring up a window with the following fields:

Name of Template

Enter a name for the template. This is used for identification by your staff when selecting a template for sending emails to your members. Please note: Template name is used by sheepCRM email triggers, so please be careful changing the name of an existing template as this will break any triggers attached to it.

Template Type

State the type of the template, for most cases this will be Email.

Default subject

Enter a default subject line for emails using this template. This can make use of template tags for basic personalisation. This can be changed on a per email basis when being sent out to your members manually.

Template Text

Enter the default text for emails using this template. Like the subject, this can make use of template tags and be changed by your staff when being sent out manually.

For guidance on formatting and making use of template tags, please read the following article: https://intercom.help/sheepcrm/en/articles/1021542-email-template-tips-and-tricks

Editing an existing template

Click on the name of the template or the down arrow on the right to expand the template card. From this view you can Edit or Deactivate the template. Clicking on Edit will bring up a window where you can edit the template data.

Deactivating the template will stop it from being sent by your staff or any lifecycle triggers. Once deactivated, you can either activate or Delete the template completely.

Template formatting, tags and conditionals

For more information on formatting and making use of template tags, please read the following article: https://intercom.help/sheepcrm/en/articles/1021542-email-template-tips-and-tricks.

⚠️ Transactional emails can use additional data fields through the "regarding" field (i.e. you can email about a specific payment). When writing a bulk email templates the "regarding" field cannot be set. You can therefore only use the fields on the contact (the fields that you can filter and export).

Email Triggers and Lifecycle emails

Email templates can be used to be sent out automatically by your flock when certain criteria is met - buying a new membership for example - these triggers are linked to the template name, so please be careful when changing an email template name.

For more information on lifecycle emails, please read the following article: https://intercom.help/sheepcrm/en/articles/4168402-lifecycle-events-and-triggers

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