The post life indicator: When to post again?

The post life indicator informs you when to post next by showing if your previous posts are still active in the feed

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Why is it important to know when to post again

Knowing when to post again without damaging the reach of your last post can be a big advantage to those looking to maximize their efforts on LinkedIn.

What is it?

This feature tells you when to post next by showing you if your old posts are "Active" or "Inactive".

Where is it?

  1. Login into Shield

  2. Go into your workspace and head to the Content Overview Section

  3. Scroll down to the Content Table.

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What to look for?

Look for green or orange dots on the left side of the content (as in the image below) When you hover over the dots, it says "Active" or "Inactive".

🟒 The Green dot or active indicates that post is still gaining traction (or simply put, is still alive)

🟠 The Orange dot or inactive indicates that the post has almost stopped getting more reach and it could be a good idea to post that next post on LinkedIn.


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