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Slack Integration
Slack Integration
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The Slack Integration allows you to receive notifications on Slack about your Shogun Frontend store.

This feature will be initially coupled with our GitHub Integration, by providing notifications of the changes being pushed to the repository. We plan to expand this feature to include other non-GitHub focused notifications.

Setting Up

  1. Click the Settings icon and then click on the Slack tab.

  2. Authenticate to Slack and choose the channel you would like to post notifications to.

  3. The Slack tab in Settings now shows your Slack Integrations configuration.


Disconnecting Slack

  1. Under Settings, click on the Disconnect Slack button from the Slack tab.

  2. Click Confirm on the modal verifying you want to disconnect the Slack Integration.



How to change the channel that messages are posted to?

Disconnect the Slack Integration and reconnect it. When you reconnect the Slack Integration, select the new channel.

Can the Slack Integration Send Messages to Several Channels?

Not at this moment.

Can We Connect Several Stores to the Same Workspace?

The Slack Integration is currently limited to one store per workspace.

What Does the Slack Message Look Like?


What Happens When I Need to Request Permission?

Some workspaces restrict the permissions to install apps. In this case you will see a screen to request approval to the admins of the workspace.


Once the app is approved by your workspace administrator, you will receive a notification from Slackbot with a link to execute the installation through the Slack App Directory. However, the installation through the App Directory will not work because that link is missing some data that we need to introduce, this is expected behavior.

What you need to do at this point, is to return to Shogun Frontend, and click the Connect button under Settings, so all the required data can be available. Since the app is now approved in the workspace, the installation will be completed normally.

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