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What does it mean to be "Reserve Staf" for an event?
What does it mean to be "Reserve Staf" for an event?

Why am I receiving a message about being Reserve Staf? What does this mean?

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You've applied and been accepted for a position. But when you try to confirm, you receive an alert that reads...

"This event has confirmed Staf. You'll be placed on a Reserve List for any last minute cancellations. To remove yourself from this list, cancel your application"

What this means:

Another accepted Staf member has confirmed before you. The position is filled. If for any reason, the confirmed Staf needs to cancel or they do not check-in for the event - you will be notified to work. Once notified, the Host will need you to respond as soon as possible. Your status is already "accepted", so all you will need to do is click confirm. The first Reserve Staf to confirm gets the job! 

Confirm right away to make sure you get the job.

Why would I want to stay as Reserve Staf?

Staying on as Reserve Staf is a great opportunity to stay up to date on the event. You will be the first to know if the position is back open. With one click, you can confirm from your Pending Shifts Dashboard.

If you are not Reserve Staf and cancel your application, you would have to reapply to the event to be considered, then be reaccepted to be eligible to work.

Staying on as Reserve Staf will not only save the day for your Host, but also give you an opportunity to work an event and make money even faster ⚡️

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