Just like when you're releasing music, ads must be audited in order to ensure that the content meets website guidelines. Auditors review every single ad that is submitted through Show.co Ad Builder to help ensure that your ad will be able to run on the websites in our network. For this reason, our ads include a $1 audit fee per creative uploaded.

This means that if your campaign is rejected, you must fix your “creative” (the text, audio, or image assets for your campaign), resubmit your campaign, and pay the audit fee to be reviewed again. Audit fees are non-refundable once the audit has been completed.

The best way to avoid paying more than one audit fee per ad run is to carefully follow the Ad Guidelines. You can read the guidelines for the specific ad type you are setting up from the Guides & Tutorials section of Ad Builder.

If you'd like to see common reasons why an ad is rejected, you can click here to read more!

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