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How can I purchase a paid package?

Updated over a week ago

You can create a GO account on our website. If you have requested a package via our prices page, you also start with a GO account. The paid package can be requested from the portal:

Log in to your GO (trial) account and go to the dashboard. Make sure your email address has been verified and the organization name has been entered.

Currently you have a GO subscription with 10 credits. Choose 'Manage your subscription and invoice settings' to purchase a paid package.

Fill in your invoicing details by clicking on 'Update invoicing details'. Once you have done this choose 'Change plan'.

You can now choose one of our packages. For more information about the packages you can reach us at 023-737 00 46 > Option 1.

Choose between a year bundle and a month bundle. Please note that a monthly bundle allows you to use a limited number of credits per month.

In this step you have the possibility to fill in a partner code. This is necessary when you are linking with one of our partners. Press the Confirm button to make the purchase of the paid package final.

We would like to thank you for choosing our service!

The package will now be activated for you!

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