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How to Access Scans in the Scanner Membership Dashboard
How to Access Scans in the Scanner Membership Dashboard

Use the ST Scanner membership as a research tool for finding ticker symbols.

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Accessing the ST Scanner

1 - Navigate to the Scanner membership:

The Scanner Dashboard is located on the Simpler Trading member dashboard.

Login to Simpler Trading, go to Dashboard > My Memberships.

Left click on the scanner membership.

2 - Running a scan:

The side menu displays the available categories of scans. For example, 10X scans are divided by time frame and further broken down by bullish and bearish sentiment.

Left click on a scan from the drop-down menu.

Results display criteria for that scan. For information on what that scan in looking for, click on the information icon which is a lower case “i” in an orange circle at the top right of each scan.

You are now ready to start going through the Scans and continue further researching these symbols in your Trading Platform. 

About the Simpler Trading Scanner

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