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About the Simpler Trading Scanner
About the Simpler Trading Scanner

Tools and components of the ST Scanner membership

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Simpler Trading Scanner

1 - Overview

Proprietary subscription tool to often / latest used scan tools used by Simpler traders.

Narrow the universe of tickers to manageable lists searchable by category and using combined criteria as well as scans only available in the ST Scanner. Scans come with descriptions and can be sorted using preset criteria. Copy feature allows for easy import of results into your favorite platform or watchlist. Each scan updates after close of current bar.

2 - Getting Started

Access the ST Scanner under My Memberships. Videos on how Traders like Sam, David, Danielle and John Carter use the scanner are found in the section Scanner Sessions.

Get started by watching introductory videos in the overview How to Use the Scanner.

3 - The scans

New scans may be added to fill the needs of Simpler's Traders and as market conditions dictate. 39, 78 and 195 minute integer time frames not possible to scan in TOS. Current scan categories:

  • Focused Scans

  • Weekly Scans

  • Daily Scans

  • Intraday Scans

  • Growth 250

  • Top Rate Under $10

  • MTFA

  • 10X Scans

Focused Scans

Weekly Scans

Daily Scans

Intraday Scans

Growth 250

Top Rate Under $10


Multi Time Frame Analysis

10X Scans

4 - Scan Descriptions

A description of what a scan does and is looking for is found either at the top of the scan as well as an additional info button on the right side of the scan's page or both.

5 - Example scan results

Column headers may vary from scan to scan. Typical criteria include Symbol, Last, Volume Average, if a Weekly Option is available (Has Weekly?), Short% interest as a percentage of float, etc. See FAQ: Simpler Scanner for more on column headers.

Sort by preset criteria in column headers to further narrow search.

6 - Useful information

Scanner Dashboard Overview:

  • How to use the Scanner

    • Several video tutorials by the creator David Starr

  • Why Stocks show up in the results

  • What symbol candidates are included

  • Member FAQ

Scanner Webinars:

Trader webinars are found under the Scanner Sessions category. Featured traders discuss how they implement their favorite scans.

FAQ: Simpler Scanner

How to Access Scans in the Scanner Membership Dashboard

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