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John Carter - Where can I see John's trades?
John Carter - Where can I see John's trades?

Find or search for any trade in the Alerts pane section of the live trading room.

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John Carter's Trades

1 - Trading Room Alerts

In a browser, log in and access the Trading Room from the member dashboard.

The room will have a log of all of the trades from each days sessions and also a historical trade record. There are no portfolios with P/Ls, but you can go back into the trading room at any point in time and check out the history of trades placed in order to recap the any one of the trading sessions. 

Searching for a Trade

The 'Alerts' area, located in the upper right corner of the trading room is searchable.

You will be able to filter for the traders or other search terms.

Try the  search feature and look for alerts posted by JC, Henry, Raghee, Bruce or any of your favorite traders. Searching JC will bring up all of the alerts posted by John in the recent sessions. 

After  selecting the gear icon, you will see the search bar appear. You can now type in the name of the trader who's trades you are looking for. 

Save and Analyze

Once you have the list of the trades you want, you can save them to your machine in order to do your own analysis of the trades with the ' Save' icon. 

Clicking the 'Save' icon will save a text file (.txt)which can pull data from to analyze in Excel or your favorite analytics program.

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