Resolving the issue of a Tradestation indicator not functioning due to a missing or corrupted dll file after migrating the Tradestation platform from one computer to another.

You have moved your Tradestation platform from one computer to another.

Perhaps you tried restoring from a Tradestation backup, or your computer crashed and you need to move Tradestation out of necessity.

In any case, you started up the platform on the new computer and your Simpler Trading indicator is not working due to a missing or corrupted DLL file.

It is recommended that you un-install the indicator completely from Tradestation and use the original application to install a fresh copy of the indicator.

Trying to find, copy and place the .dll files onto the new computer is not recommended.

If you do not have the original installation application for your indicator, please contact:

Please see the below link for instructions on how to remove and re-install your Tradestation indicator.


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