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Mobile App - App Crashing on my iPhone / iPad
Mobile App - App Crashing on my iPhone / iPad

Known issue where some apps may crash on Apple mobile devices

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Clearing app data

If the Simpler Trading Mobile App, or any app, crashes on your phone or tablet, please try the following steps as a potential fix.

Try the deleting and re-installing the app using the method below; there are specific steps so everything can be purged correctly.

Tap on the settings button on you device's home screen. In settings, go to:

General > iPhone Storage > Simpler Trading > Delete App (button in red)

See also image below.

To clear the browser cache, click link HERE:

If you still have an issue, please send an email to and provide the following information as best as possible so we can log the issue for our development team.

  • Device Type / model

  • OS Version

  • Mobile App Version

  • Tried using WiFi / Cell data / both

  • Cel provider

  • About how long ago the issue started to appear

Mobile App - App Crashing on my Galaxy Phone

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