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Watchlist - Custom expression exceeded error
Watchlist - Custom expression exceeded error

Watchlist only partially loads. Watchlist cells produce custom expression limit error.

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Custom Expression Subscription Limit Exceeded Error

A TOS Watchlist is like an embedded spreadsheet in the TOS platform made of columns and rows. Rows are the ticker symbols and any number of preset or custom columns may be added.

Too many custom columns and / or rows in the watchlist may cause some cells in the to produce a custom expression subscription limit exceeded error.

Reducing the number of custom columns and / or the number of tickers in the watchlist should correct the issue.

Removing columns is done through the Wachlist customization window.

Click on the gear wheel to the right of the column headers or right-click on a column header and choose Customize.

Left-click to choose which custom column(s) to remove.

Click Remove Items.

If your watchlist comes from a saved scan, consider alering the scan so that it is producing less tickers in the results.

Any watchlist with a purple pinwheel icon to the left of the name of that watchlist originated as a scan.

Less scan results will mean less tickers in the watchlist of the same name and may help to reduce a chance of producing the Custom Expression error message.

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