Simple Sign lives up to its name - it is simple to use.

This article will tell you all about how Simple Sign works and the process you will go through to have your contract signed.  

When you create an account, you will receive a storage space. You will notice that your account will have different features, depending on the billing option you have chosen.  

You will be given the option to create templates, upload pre-made documents, and add recipients, amongst other things. 

Our built-in template editor gives you the option to edit your documents at any time, so you can make them suit specific recipients or specific agreements. 

You can invite colleagues to your account so that you can share recipients, and send contracts the same way. 

Once a contract is created, all you need to do is send the contract to your recipient via our platform. The recipient can sign it wherever they are and immediately send it back to you; completed. 

The video below highlights how Simple Sign works and how easy the system is.
Watch the video here.

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