Let's walk-through the process of adding a Comfort Sensor. To begin, make sure you have your Comfort Sensor and HUB near you, and open your SmartAC.Com app on your smartphone. You may also refer to the video below.

  1. Navigate to your Account tab and click '+ Add Hardware'. Once in this tab you may tap 'Comfort Sensor'.

  2. When prompted with the 'Quick Check' page, you may tap 'No' as this only applies to members who intend to add an entirely new hardware kit.

  3. Ensure that you are indeed attempting to pair a Comfort Sensor by checking the back of your sensor and then choose your desired zone to pair to.

  4. The next page will ask that you select an HVAC to pair to. For questions on how to determine which HVAC unit your thermostat controls, refer here. After the sensor verification process you will have the ability to name this zone.

  5. To activate your sensor you must pull the plastic separator tab labeled "PULL" on it. This will connect the battery to the device allowing for conductivity, your sensor will then begin blinking blue to show an active status. If you have already done so and your sensor is not blinking blue then make sure that the negative side of both of your batteries are inserted facing the spring side of the sensor.

  6. To proceed with the sensor pairing process, please hold down the orange button on your sensor (found under the battery cap) with the orange button on the backside of your HUB for 3 seconds, until the light blinks blue on the sensor.

  7. Your HUB will now verify the connection, and if successful you will be prompted with this screen and proceed to choosing a zone. If your sensor does not pair:

    1. Ensure you are holding both orange buttons on the HUB and sensor simultaneously.

    2. Ensure your batteries are inserted properly, negative side facing the inner springs of the device.

  8. You will now be prompted to choose a zone that your new Comfort Sensor will monitor. You have the ability to create a new zone or pick from our selection of typical zones. After this you will continue through the normal sensor onboarding process.

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