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How Do I Change My Operating Hours?
How Do I Change My Operating Hours?

Learn how to display or hide your operating hours, select closed days, set up split hours, and holiday exceptions

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Step 1 - Go to Account Settings

Click "Account Settings" from the Avatar dropdown at the top right corner of the dashboard screen. Alternatively, you can just click on your restaurant name and address on the top right corner of the dashboard homepage.

Step 2 - Select the days and times the restaurant is open.

Scroll to the "Hours" section, then click "Edit Hours" to show scheduling options.

  • To select the days of the week the restaurant is open, toggle switch to "Open." If the restaurant is closed on a specific day, toggle the switch to "Closed". Select the opening time and closing time for each day. Click "Apply" to save the changes.

  • Click “Add range” if your restaurant hours are split within the day (broken hours). Enter time for the broken hours. Click the [-] icon to remove it.

IMPORTANT: If your operating hours are different from your delivery or pickup hours, you can create and set custom delivery zones and pickup hours and apply them to your online ordering menus. Click here to learn How to Setup Online Ordering Schedules.

Optionally, you can set operating hours exceptions to override your current operating hours for specific dates. Just click "Add Special Hours" and enter details.

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