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Checkout Settings

Learn what you can hide or display on your checkout settings

Updated over a week ago

Your Checkout Settings can be found on the Ecommerce Dashboard > Checkout Tab.

Here, you can set the following options for the Checkout Page:

  • Ability of customers to create an account

  • Display tip options

  • Ask customers if they want to add utensils

  • Apply custom fees

  • Show/hide the gift card field

  • Show/hide order notes field

Customer Accounts

Checkout details such as name, address, and phone number are pre-filled during the checkout process for customers who are logged in to their account. You can require customers to create an account, make it optional, or disable the option when they check out.


If you select this, customers won't see the option to create an account or to log in during checkout. They'll have to manually enter their details at checkout because fields won't be pre-filled.


Customers can choose to create an account, but it's not mandatory to create an account to check out. If customers do have an account and they're logged in, their contact fields would be pre-filled when they place an order.


Customers need to create an account or be logged in to complete the checkout. This setting is useful if you're running a wholesale or members-only store, for example. Contact fields would be pre-filled when the customer places an order.

Display Tip Options at Checkout

Ask Customers if They Want to Add Utensils

  • You can enable this by toggling on the switch at the rightmost portion of the Utensils option.

  • When this option is toggled ON, customers can see an [Add Utensils to Order] button when they check out.

Apply Custom Fees

  • To add a mandatory custom fee to the customer's total bill when they check out, click the [Add] button for Custom Fees, then fill out the fields.

  • You can add a percentage or a fixed amount value that will be automatically added to the total amount when the customer checks out.

  • You can enable/disable the custom fees you've created by toggling the disable/enable switch for each fee.

  • To edit or delete the custom fee, click the 3-dot icon next to the toggle switch.

Show/Hide The Gift Card Field

  • Toggle the switch on/off to hide/show the Gift Card field on the Checkout Page.

  • When enabled, customers can enter a gift card code that can be applied to their order when they check out.

Show/Hide Order Notes Field

  • When enabled, customers can click the [Add an Order Note] button and enter additional information about their order.

  • To hide/show it, toggle the switch on/off for the Order Notes field option.

Absorb Gift Card Guest Fees

  • By default, guests pays the app/guest fees on gift cards
    For example, if a gift card costs $100 and the app/guest fee is 3%, guest pays $103.00. The restaurant gets $100.00 and Sociavore gets $3.00.

  • When enabled, the app/guest fee on gift card sales would be absorbed. For example, if a gift card costs $100 and the app/guest fee is 3%, the guest would pay only $100.00.

  • In other words, the guest/app fee would be subtracted from the gift card sales. The restaurant gets $97.00 and Sociavore gets $3.00 (See sample sales report below).

Dedicated Order Page

After a customer successfully checks out, a post-checkout order page is displayed which includes the following details:

  • Order number

  • Estimated pickup/delivery date and time

  • Pickup/delivery instructions of customer

  • Restaurant’s location and contact details

  • Order summary - date and time of order, items and amount, subtotal, tip, taxes and fees, order total, and payment details

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