Reservation Form

Learn how to use Sociavore's built-in reservation feature and how to integrate and connect your 3rd party reservation app

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Sociavore has a built-in reservation service. You can also integrate third-party integrations such as Tock, Resy, Yelp Reservations, OpenTable, and more. 

Step 1 - Set Up Your Reservation Service

Step 2 - Background

Upload a background for this section and adjust the transparency of the image. Increasing the transparency makes the image darker. 

To remove the background check off the "no background image" box

Step 3 - Title & Description

Enter a title for your reservation form and add description to give your guests more information (eg. number of hours needed in advance to book the reservation)

Check the box to center the title.

Step 4
- Orientation Style

You can choose a horizontal or vertical layout

Step 5 - Don't forget to save your work!

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