Set Up Reservations
Learn how to use Sociavore's built-in reservation feature and other 3rd party reservation apps
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From the “Home” Tab, click the “Set up Reservations” button on the checklist. You can also access this later by clicking on “Settings” found on your avatar’s dropdown menu found on the top right corner of the screen. 

Step 1 -
Click the “Reservations” Tab from the right panel of the screen, then slide the switch on to accept online orders.

Step 2 -
Select a reservation service. You can connect your existing reservation service with your Sociavore account. You can also use Sociavore’s built-in reservation feature.

Step 3 - Add Pre-Booking Notes (optional)

Step 4 - Set email reminders to automatically send to guests. Enter the number of hours prior to reservation start time (optional)

Step 5 - Add a Cancellation Policy

Step 6 - Add a Late Policy

Step 7 - Assign team members to receive notifications when a reservation is booked. To add a team member, click “Team” from the right hand panel of the screen.

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