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Set Up Reservations

Learn how to enable Sociavore's built-in reservation feature or other 3rd party reservation apps

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To add a reservation service to your website, follow these steps. You can work directly with Sociavore's built-in reservation service, or connect to a 3rd party service like Resy, Tock, Yelp, OpenTable, easyTableBooking, SevenRooms, and others.

Step 1 - From the “Home” Tab, click "Account Settings" under your avatar’s dropdown menu found on the top right corner of the screen.

find account settings in the top right

Step 2 - Click the “Reservations” Tab from the right panel of the screen.

navigation to the reservations page

Step 3 - Toggle on reservations to enable them and view more options.

toggle for reservations

Step 4 - Select a reservation service. You can connect your existing reservation service with your Sociavore account. You can also use Sociavore’s built-in reservation feature. Then, adjust settings like "min/max cover" and "maximum lead days" to fit your needs.

reservation service options

Step 5 - Depending on the reservation service you have selected, you can adjust additional settings according to how you would like your reservation system to function. There are options for SMS notifications, reminders, pre-booking notes, cancelation policy, and late policy.

additional settings

Step 6 - Assign team members to receive notifications when a reservation is booked. You can select an existing team member or enter an email address.

enter team contacts here

Remember to hit Save, and you're all set!

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