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Text on an Image

Learn how to add a paragraph with a button centered over a full-width image background on a section of a page

Updated over a week ago

This page section occupies the entire width of a page with an image. It contains a text title, text description, and button centered on the image. You can adjust the width of the text as it appears on the page.

Step 1 - Image

Upload an image and adjust its transparency. Increasing the transparency darkens the image.

Step 2 - Image Height

Select an image height option

Step 3 - Title & Text

Enter a title and a text description

Step 4 - Button

Enter the text inside the button, and paste in a URL (page you want people to see when the button is clicked

Step 5 - Text Block Width

Select a width size for the text block

โ€‹Step 6 - Don't forget to save your work!

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