Image with Text

Learn how to add a block section with an image and text displayed side by side on a page

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Step 1 - Background

  1. Upload a background image or check the "No Background Image" box to remove the image

  2. Adjust the overlay transparency, adding more transparency darkens the background image

Step 2 - Layout

The screenshot above is a layout with the image on the left side, the one below is with an image on the right.

Step 3 - Image and Text

  1. Upload an image

  2. Add a heading

  3. Add a text paragraph

โ€‹Step 4 - Button (optional)

  1. Enter a text on the button label field (keep it blank if you don't want to display a button)

  2. Paste in a URL (page you want people to see when the button is clicked)

โ€‹Step 5 - Don't forget to save your work!

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