Navigation Menu Color Settings

Change the color settings for the Desktop Navigation Menu and Mobile Navigation Menu

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The Navigation Menu is displayed at the top part of every page of your website. It usually contains the restaurant's menu, ordering, reservations, and about page. Click here to learn how to customize your navigation menu.

Accessing the Navigation Color Settings

  • Select the "Design" Tab from the settings menu on the left side of the page editor

  • Click "General Colors"

  • Adjust the color settings under "Navbar" and "Mobile Navigation"

Note: Design Settings are applied to all elements across all pages in the website.


Navigation Menu Color Settings

The navigation menu is displayed at the top of each page of your website.ย 

  • Background Color - background color of the navigation menu bar

  • Link Color - color of each page name on the menu

  • Link Color on Hover - color is applied on the page name when a page visitor hovers the mouse pointer over it

Mobile Navigation Menu Color Settings

When a user is viewing the website on a mobile device, the navigation menu shrinks into what we refer to as a "hamburger menu," it's those 3 horizontal lines you see at the top right corner of a mobile screen.

When the hamburger menu is clicked, the mobile menu slides in from the right side.

  • Background Color - background color of the mobile menu that slides in when the menu icon is pressed

  • Navigation Link Color - the color of each page name on the menu.

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