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Add contact information, operating hours, social media links, and a newsletter subscription form on the Footer section of the page.

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The Footer is displayed at the bottom part of every page of your website. It usually contains the restaurant's contact information, operating hours, social media links, and a newsletter subscription form. 

Step 1 - Access the Footer Settings

To access your footer setting, open the page content editor and click the "Footer" Tab on the page's side menu to load the settings.

Step 2 - Select Footer Elements

Click "Add Block" to add more elements to the footer.

Drag and drop the elements on the sidebar to arrange the order of the footer elements displayed on the website.

Click "Remove Block" from the expanded block settings to remove a footer element.

Below are the different footer elements you can add:

Note: You can add up to 4 footer elements

  • Footer Background 

  • Image or Logo -  Click the image to upload a new logo image or paste in a link to the image. Slide the image height to increase / decrease the size of the logo, adjust the alignment if necessary.  

  • Address - if your restaurant has more than one location, you can opt to have them all displayed in this section. You can hide / unhide the email address. You can edit the information shown here from the Restaurant Profile Settings

  • Newsletter Signup - you can change the text that appears above the email field and the text on the button. To activate this feature, make sure an Email Service is connected to your Newsletter Settings. 

  • Custom HTML Code - you can insert custom HTML code as part of the footer. This is particularly useful if you want to use a 3rd party autoresponder for your newsletter signup instead of using Sociavore's built-in integration or add a map of your location. Copy and paste the embed code from your 3rd party autoresponder and paste it on the field below.

  • Navigation - these are quick links to all the pages in the website.

  • Social Icons - Paste in the URL of the social media account on the corresponding field on the sidebar. This will automatically display the corresponding social media icon on the footer. You can also adjust the size and alignment of the icons.

  • Group Logo - if you have 2 or more different restaurant concepts, you can add and display up to 8 logos at the bottom-center of the footer. 

Step 3 - Customize Footer Colors

  • Select the "Design" Tab from the settings menu on the left side of the page editor

  • Click "General Colors"

  • Scroll down to the Footer

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