Apricot Theme: Events [Page Settings]

Learn how to customize Apricot theme specific "Event Page" settings

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On the Events Page, click "Events" from the sidebar to access the theme specific settings for displaying upcoming events on the page.

Make sure you've added the Events Page to your website and have added event posts on the Publisher.

By default, the Events Page Section is displayed on a 2-column layout. The event date, title, and description is displayed below the image.

  • Title & Description - enter a title and description of your upcoming events

  • Number of Events to Display - select the number of events you want to be displayed

  • View All Button (optional) - when clicked, it will load all upcoming events on the page

  • Event Series to Display - select the type of events to display

  • Display the Event Series Filter (optional) - When creating and posting an event on the Publisher, you can assign a category to the type of event you're creating. When the "show event series filter" is checked off, it displays a navigation menu with the different categories you've assigned to your event posts.

  • Hide Event Images - To display text-only event posts without images, check off the "Hide Event Image" box

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