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Add a dedicated page to display upcoming events

Updated over a week ago

After adding upcoming events, the next step is to make sure the Events Page is visible on your website.

Click the "Website" Tab on the side menu to load the Pages Dashboard.

Step 1 - Add the Events Page to Your Website

Most of Sociavore's Theme templates already include an event page. If you're not able to see an Event Page on the list of pages, click the "Add Page" button, then choose "Events Page"

Note: If you're still editing your event page, you may want to hide the page until it's completely done.

  • Private - This "hides" the page from the navigation menu. However, when someone goes to the link of that page, they can see the content on that page. In other words, the page is available publicly but only to those who have the URL of that page.

  • Draft - This removes the page from the navigation menu. If someone goes to the link of that page, it will not show any content. In other words, that page is completely inaccessible publicly.

Step 2 - Customize The Look and Feel of the Events Page

Click the [customize page] icon to load the page editor

If you don't see the Events section (not the one on top) in the Content Tab, click [Add Section] and select [Events]. Otherwise, click the Events section at the bottom to see the customization options.

Each theme template has its own theme-specific Event Page settings. Click the corresponding theme template below to see the theme-specific settings:

Step 3 - Enable Page Visibility

When a page is set to "Public," a page link is displayed on the website's navigation menu. 

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