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Learn how to create a page from scratch

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Step 1 - Access Your Pages Dashboard

Click the "Website" Tab on the side menu to see the Pages Dashboard.

Step 2 - Add a Custom Page

Click the [Add Page] button, then select [Custom Page] from the template options on the pop-up window.

Step 3 - Give Your Page a Name

Enter a page name, then click [OK]

Step 4 - Customize the Page

The new page is added at the bottom of the Main Navigation section. In this example, the page's name is FAQ. Click the [customize page] icon to open the page editor.

We have made it incredibly easy to add page elements to a page on your website. Instead of adding individual elements such as text, buttons, links, etc., you can add an entire "section" to a page. Click the button below to learn how to quickly add Page Sections to a page.

Step 5 - Make The Page Visible on the Website

To display the page on the website's navigation menu, select [Public] from the dropdown.

The order of the pages on the Pages Dashboard is how it will be displayed on the website's navigation menu. You can drag and drop the pages to re-arrange the order.

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