Create a Contact Tracing Form

Learn how to create a contact tracing form on your restaurant website

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To ensure the highest level of safety for your staff and guests, add a contact tracing form on your website to keep a log of your guests' information in case of a reported case of COVID-19 in your restaurant.

*It's important to disclose that you will only keep your customer's data for 30 days or the indicated amount of time from your local government.*

Step 1 - In your dashboard, click "website" from the right-side panel on the screen.

Step 2 - Click "forms" from the left-side panel on the screen.

  • Build a new form and name it "Contact Tracing".

Step 3 - Add the required fields of personal you need to capture from your guests (ie. name, email, phone number, table number).

Step 4 (optional) - If you would like to redirect your guests to your menus after filling out the contact tracing form, copy and paste the URL from your menu into the field below. This will make for a smooth and efficient experience for your guests.

  • Don't forget to click "save" after you're finished.

Step 5 - Go back to the "pages" tab by clicking "website" from the right-side panel on the screen.

  • Choose the page you would like to add the form to. (We recommend the home page or your Contactless Dining page).

  • Click the edit button (marker) to go into your website editor.

  • Click "add section" at the bottom of the left-side panel on the screen and add a "custom form".

  • Choose the contract tracing form you just built, fill in the information, and add it wherever you'd like on the page.

  • Save your form.

Step 6 (optional) - To make it even simpler for your guests, place a QR code on your table so they can quickly pull up the contract tracing form by scanning it with their phone. Learn more about how to create your own QR codes and how to find your menu URL path.


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